I come from a family of storytellers. My dad and his big fish, my grandma that put a cow on top of the school in 1933 for her senior prank. I am fascinated by these stories and layers that make all of us. We all have our own family tree, our own timeline, our own dreams and flaws that collect over the years and make us who we are. I’ve found that my strength lies not so much in sharing the words, but visually telling these tales.

I obsess over textures and patterns and unexpected elements in my work, and how to combine these to create a visual identity that bares your soul and tells your story, albeit in the briefest way. Whether for a person, a business or an event, I want to work together to create wedding invitations, stationery, or a logo with a style or brand that is uniquely you, far more than just pixels and paper and ink.

I can’t wait to hear your life story, your brand story, your love story, or anything in between. I promise you all my ears and all my ideas until we get it right.

In the end, I want my work to be a “collection” of all of our stories, thus the name, Anthologie Press…

To see my corporate design portfolio, please visit Dinges Design.


Let's chat! The first step is to contact me via email, social media, or phone to talk about the details of your project. If you are in the Denver metro area we can also meet in person. I will collect as much info and inspiration as I can to be able to go back to my studio and whip up a quote for the custom design and printing of your project.


Let's do this! I am so excited to work with you. After we receive your signed contract and a 50% deposit, we'll get you on our schedule based on your timeline and our workload.


The length of the design phase will vary depending on our workload and the depth and complexity of your project. We will provide concepts via PDF and narrow down what you like, what you don't, and the direction in which you want to proceed.


We will continue with edits and tweaks until your design is perfect for you - no added charge for more revisions.

Final Payment

Upon design approval, the balance for printing and assembly will be due.


Your project will move into the production phase, which is when we will print, cut, fold, assemble, etc. This will also vary in length depending on the complexity of your project.


Your order will be shipped via USPS Priority 2-3 Day mail unless you request expedited shipping (which you will be responsible for). We will notify you upon shipping with a tracking number so you can follow the delivery progress.

Squeals of delight!

Hopefully you love receiving your project as much as we loved creating it! We strive for the highest quality so we hope you will always be thrilled. If not, we'll make it right!

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